The “Manna-Matrix” Harmonic Chamber

Empyrean Media Presents…

The “Manna-Matrix” Harmonic Chamber

Originally Designed and Built
in Markham Ontario Canada by

~ Gaspar Magistar and KA’ryna SH’ha ~ 

"All wisdom lies at the doorway of Love and
willingness be the key to unlocking its mysteries!"
-KA'ryna SH'ha

A Powerful Instrument is Born:
The brainchild of Gaspar's ingenius imagination in harmony with KA'ryna's sacred heart of inspiration; the Manna-Matrix Harmonic Chamber was originally concieved and built as a holographic spiritual incubator for new consciouness realities.
This revolutionary "Transfiguration Theatre" was built and showcased for several years beginning in 2005 with the culmination of a portable system design in 2010. 
The Manna Matrix is a Sacred Space intentionally designed to uplift and transform consciousness. 
Now poised and positioned to travel the world, bringing to us all the new forms of "Enlightened Media" !
KA'ryna and Gaspar lead participants thru a dance of hologramatic light and sound staging, mixed with stargate geometries to activate waves of Heart Harmonics.

Every session reveals the core of clarity at the heart of all humanity.

Extraordinary Alliances:
Gaspar, KA’ryna and a creative talent team of extraordinary alliances have established several companies over the years.
Top event industry,meeting planners and conference organizers count on their reputation for delivering lasting impressions that continue to raise standards in their respective industries.

They include:
Empyrean Media
AH'suna Arts
Golden Light GraceTeachings
C 2 - Celestial Celebrations
M 2- Media-Matrix
S 2- StarGate Stages

Stationary + Portable Design Implementation:

Public Matrix Exhibition
Once situated in a large artist’s studio the Manna Matrix Harmonic Chamber is now available in a portable and easily erected system designed to accommodate a scale of venues from small to the very large with no change in effects.
The original prototype incorporated specifically and intentionally designed sacred geometric structures, within a Light and Sound Immersion core.
The portable version contains the same fractal symmetry as the original but now with a streamlined and simplified system of integrated technologies to deliver the same capacity of the highest and deepest experiences for all.
Both original and portable systems contain the same key positional visual media, with live and archived sound - lighting FX to create a complete sensorial envelope.
Each participant is treated to specific points of navigation arranged around the chamber as gateways of wisdom. Through the use of spiritual and advanced explorative super-learning tools, each of these gateways facilitates enriched personal discovery. Ultimately offering the opportunity for interconnection with one’s own Harmonic Heart-Centered Core.

Purpose :

The Manna-Matrix is configured to allow gateways of clarity and coherence within each person through the alignment of a natural radiant state of conscious awareness. It is like a super- charged chiropractic adjustment for our creative soul core. Each Manna Matrix encounter is unique and specific to the elements choreographed spontaneously in the moment!

Original Stargate Portal

Therefore every immersion is a totally distinctive one-of-a-kind encounter ….that allows, every person to have their own personal journey of profound expansion.

How It Works :
Preparing the instrument of our heart of hearts to open. The doorway to discovery begins within us, as an intention is formed stimulating our intuition and imagination to combine in a creative culmination…. the mysteries of manifestation are explored and expanded in the pure light of our awakening awareness!

Guidance Through The Gateways:

KA’ryna SH’ha, along with her team of Manna Ambassadors expertly guides the way, as Gateways of Illumination and Initiation open. The culmination of which, is an implosion of all the elements synergistically to create a holographic media immersion!

The Outcome:
The Manna-Matrix has both a profoundly relaxing and energizing effect by uplifting and supercharging the deeper intuitional faculties of the imagination. Creating an enlightening and edifying feeling of appreciation and gratitude within!
Placed in a space of unconditional love, our vibration shifts, our heart opens, our mind expands as our being ascends into embodiments of pure bliss.

Our highest and truest nature opens as a sacred song...sung through our DNA!
Those that have navigated the Manna Matrix have felt deeply astonishing results that are difficult to put into words.

The best way to discover it is to experience it for yourself!

Contact: 905 479 2646

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