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Gaspar Magistar and KA'ryna SH'ha
Toronto, Canada Office : 905-554 6337
Cell: 905 479 2646 

Digital Profile : KA’ryna SH’ha
Toronto Hub: 647-379-2072
President of: AH’Suna Arts and Multi-Media Art Platforms
Conductor of: Manna Matrix and Celestial Ceremonies
Founder of: Luminous Leadership and Universal Mastery
Creator of: Manna Mentoring and Heart Harmonics Attunements
Initiator of: Light Languages and Sound + Light Activation Codes
Weaver of: Golden Graces and Sacred Spaces + Cosmic Consciousness
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AH’Suna Arts:
Skype : karynashha
Digital Profile : Gaspar Magistar

Office : 905-479-2646 , Toronto, Canada
Email : Email :
President of : Celestial Celebrations Enchanting Entertainers
Founder of : Stargate Stages Sacred Geometry Structures
Inventor of : Media Matrix Immersion + Interaction Theatres
Conductor of: Holographic Harmonics Sonic Symphonies + Light Languages
Master of : Community Concerts Conscious Ceremonies
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My Space : Gaspar Magistar
Second Life : magi Scribe
Skype : gmagistar