Recent Clients + Testimonials

Recent Clients

A short list of Business Clients below
M.S.M.D. Barristers And Solicitors  *  MAC Cosmetic* Magma Manufacturing  *  MDS Sciex  *  Microsoft  *  Mincom Realty * Nissan Canada  *  OND Canada  *  Pinchin Environmental  *  Polo/Ralph Lauren  *  Portuguese Shoe Association  *  President's Choice Financial Bank Progistix- Solutions Inc  *  Prospector's and Developers Association Of Canada Royal Bank  *  Sheet Metal Association  *  Sun Life *Torken Mains Lawyers  *  Town Shoes  *  Venture Planning Inc.*Wakehman Associates Inc.
Thanks so much for your wonderful event your soul is so clear and in perfect sound harmony that all I had to do was just listen and feel the love that was vibrating through the room.blessing to your beautiful self and your family. Can't wait till the next one.
Micheal Kuchara
The event was AMAZING and Beautiful words can't describe it.
S. Broekoff
“Yesterdays event was uplifting, fantabulous, embracing and words can’t describe the feeling. Now I know that my work in service to my clients will be enriched by your beautiful heart, sound and love. May all your blessings be returned by this vibrational universe.”
Klaudija Troskot
I flew in from Winnipeg on business. and because of this event, I now realize this is the real business I came here for
L Cau
The Manna MATRIX Experience was...........words are unavailable...........I'll be thinking about your Matrix on my death bed !
Dr. Richard Dubrinsky
Thank you and bless you for the messages from the goddesses and for all the readings over the years that you have set upon my doorsill ---like a little bird who alights sings and flies away once more to the heavens!
Suzanne Hewitt
Yay! Bravo! The sky is the limit!!!! Shine on --what you have is very, very special--and this is just the beginning!
Love to you all!
Zan RedCrow
I find myself in the position of wanting to thank you…. again and again….and again!
Liz Reynolds
Hello Ka'rynaThank you for that wakeup call, you really made a positive impression on me.
Sincerely Michal K.
I want to thank you for my wonderful love-filled panoramic experience at the Manna Matrix—Just wanted to thank you for the sweet night. You have some superb folks in your orbit! 'Sweet' is the word that keeps coming to me. 'Sweet' as in ... when we connect with our Unity in Everything ... THAT is SWEET! :)
Thom Dean
I actually closed my eyes for a moment and saw a ball of mandala like light that constantly evolves. It's amazing that you have these intense physiological experiences...
Michal k.
That was a great night! I AM A LEADER - Thank YOU! I woke up with a new sense of primal energy and determination... perfect timing as I set out to take over the board...
David Furlong
KA'ryna, has contributed to giving me the vision and key information of why I am here ….I also became much more accepting of the spiritual world as a result of our talks and attending her events.
I want to thank you for providing new insight into my journey and your words of inspiration! I walked away tonight from this reading with an incredible tingling sensation, peace and harmony.
You have confirmed that I am on the right track and to keep going with confidence, courage, inspiration, and leadership!
David Furlong director of Sales Streampoint Solutions
KA'ryna has a unique gift.
The connection with her spirit guides is undeniable. Her ability to channel energy through her sixth sense has empowered me with vision and wisdom.
I recommend KA'ryna to anybody seeking serious focus and direction in their day to day lives as well as healing of the soul and body.
Her perceptions are unmatched in any other human I have ever met in my lifetime.
Irving Garten, Toronto, historic preservationist
After my session with KA'ryna all my senses were heightened.
It was very enlightening to have my deepest thoughts confirmed in such a positive and compassionate manner.
Cheryl Martin Toronto director of Outreach Events Centential College
KA'ryna's inner and outer beauty guides you to your heart's safe place. With love and firmness she gives you the tools and advice to allow you to grow and blossom.
V. Reiss International Artist