Our Message To You- "Conscious Coupling"

Our Message To You

(Photo courtesy of Ascending Hearts)

From the highest and deepest place of connection to “All That Is”, with the intention of raising our vibration, may our collective purpose be brought to fruition with love…
Realizing that the “key ” to this manifesting is our harmonization with the universal and infinite energy within us all.
It is our honour and treasured wish that you discover and uncover what you have come here to be!
Enchanting Encounters
Gaspar Magistar and KA’ryna SH’ha are dedicating their loving partnership to bringing the most inspired messages and tools of transformation together through illuminated media projects. Their intention is to create the awakening, aligning, activation and arising of the “Harmonic Heart of Humanity”.
Together they have counseled, mentored and inspired thousands of people from around the world at countless public and private events.
Their combined talents have enriched the lives of participants through interactive and profoundly immersive environments. They have revolutionized the way we understand ourselves by creating Extraordinarily, Enlightening, Experiences.
The Heart Speaks
“ Placed in a space of unconditional love, our vibration shifts, our heart opens; our mind expands as our being ascends into embodiments of pure bliss.
Our highest and truest nature opens as a sacred song... sung through our DNA ! ”
The unified field of all possibilities reveals the stored messengers of our Cosmogenesis... codons and electrons stimulating a cellular frequency shift, signaling our "Cosmic Consciousness" wake up call ! “
KA’ryna + Gaspar’s
Combined Talents Have Created
The Empyrean Group :
Innovating+ Integrating, Illuminating + Inspiring Media Content
Mission: Uplifting consciousness through Extraordinarily, Energizing Experiences.

c2 Celestial Celebrations:
Entertainment Ambassadors,
Enchanting Encounters, Mystical Talent and Event Services.
 Mission: Creating lasting impressions by inspiring wishes and intentions to come true.

m1 - Manna-Matrix: 
Heart Harmonics + Celestial Chamber
and Light Languages + Sonic Symphonies
Mission: The Manna Matrix is an instrument of connection to restore an individual back into themselves, so that they may serve as Teachers, Leaders and Masters

m2-Media Matrix: 
Avastar Immersion Theatres
+ Lighting and Sound Systems
Mission: The Media Matrix is a sacred social instrument for community gathering and building: to teach us about our universal and spiritual origins.
m3-Manna’Light Music:
Sound Mandalas + Sonic Sacraments
Mission: The creation of compelling and coherent musical content that opens gateways of higher and deeper consciousness.
StarGate Stages:
HOLO-synthesis Space-frames +
Sacred Geometry Structures
Mission: Sacred geometry Stargate Stages encourages and edifies our awareness of the deeper and higher principles inherent in ourselves and all nature.
a2 - AH'suna Arts:
Fine Arts + Ceremonial Performances
Mission: The manifestation and creation of divine designs  and sacred ceremonial performances that impart spiritual connection.

Golden Light Graces Teachings:
Luminous Leadership + Living Luminaries
Mission: The Golden Light Graces teachings are a “Vehicle of Transmission” for harmonizing our deepest foundations of “Soul and Self” with the highest dimensions of “All That Is”.