The Wake Up From The Shake Up

Hello Fellow Traveler of The Universes

Recently in the news, one being has been the central theme and newsmaker over and over again....she has been the central focus of a lot of discussion because what she does affects us all. Her Name?...planet earth...Gaia.

The Solar life-force that we are so dependent upon is breathing its cosmic winds into her and stirring up some powerful shifts, “Shuddering fault lines all over the planet shifting as Earth entrains with the fiery rhythm of the Sun".

Just as we are being awakened, aligned, activated and ascended in Streams of Celestial fire from a Galactic and Universal Constant, so are the parameters of our planet being uplifted and shifted.

Associated with the Global Coherence Project:

An astronomer’s view of Shifting:

With many dramatic geophysical happening across the planet, the elements of earth, air, water, fire, and ether are being felt! Warmer temperatures for some, colder for others, higher winds, oceans rising, tides changing, ice melting, earth trembling, lightning striking, volcanoes erupting...everything is changing...sound dramatic!

Well for some it is. For others it's a confirmation of a time of huge transition from one long age of sleepiness into another age of wakefulness. If it were only that simple?... But alas it is, in the cosmological order of the evolution of consciousness!

 Not to mention the geopolitical and societal shifting, as regimes fall and old contracts and archetypes die. Revolutions and uprisings springing up everywhere as the tides of change sweep the globe... GAIA’s mind is being purged of all loss and suffering as ours is awakening to compassion and peace!
“To all the beloved souls who have volunteered to leave this earth-plane through calamity and distress I send my deepest and highest light! You have been an important part in opening our cosmic birthright….To those who are left here on this earth-plane in distress and calamity I send my deepest compassion and blessings of ease and grace!”

This transition period has been in the works for awhile...and folks we are now in it!

 Perhaps our local consciousness is having a hard time wrapping its personal centered view around the super-aware non-local consciousness understanding of the great turn of the ages? It’s time to get over the personal story and experience our life from a deeper and higher perspective!

 So place yourself in the center of your being, shake off the dross of amnesia from the little will of personal attachment to things, time, and space, and just breathe and relax! Take in a deep breath and gently place your awareness towards the center of your being, now release your breath with the sound of ...AHHHHH! AH is the sound of the heart!

What is she (Gaia) saying?...Wake up!!!
What to do?....do nothing....nothing external matters...its all inside waiting for you...so here it is...here you are....here we are....relax....AHHHH.... breathe!

She's inviting you, me, all of us, to tune into her birth! Our birth into cosmic consciousness....we are all her midwives... what is happening to her, is happening to us!

 Her birth parents are at her side....First Father and First Mother…. encouraging her on as she births the new her...the new us… through the awakening and awareness of our otherness merging with All That Is. 
Birthing is oh so beautiful and sometimes physically taxing, yet always memorable…One symbiotic organism of co-creative awareness; local and non-local, merging in a grand dance of the ages.


 The air of our consciousness is in-sexed with vitality and juicyness….as the heart-mind of local and non-local awareness merges in blissful union! Even as I speak to you now, amid the calm of this moment, I'm reminded how special it is to be here to witness this birth!

So I’ve sent you this message to thank you for our connection...

Here's what I'm offering to you to prepare yourself for the “Shift of All Ages”
  • Cosmological and Metaphysical teachings of light and sound
  • Comfort, Compassion and Clarity
  • Spiritual Gnosis and Awakened Cognition
  • An understanding of how to reside in the “Heart of Hearts”
  • Blessings and Be-Attitudes
  • Meaningful Messages, and Miracle Mentoring

If this inspires you, then contact me and we can see where this is all leading!

Toronto Hub: 1-647-379-2072

Golden Graces Teachings : http://www.quantumsnewearth.com/KA-ryna-SH-ha.html

With a nod, a wink and a warm embrace to your infinite intelligent wisdom,
KA'ryna SH’ha

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