All About KAryna

Who in this Universe is KA’ryna  SH’ha ?

* Master Mentor *Author * Spiritual Guide
* Award-Winning Artist * Sacred Performer
Grandmother AH’ LU’ SHA’MA- Master
Shambhala Byung Tau, Teacher of Advanced Spiritual Metaphysics, offers the "Sacred Gateways of the Heart Masters", manifesting permanent states of Harmonic Consciousness.
KA'ryna has been called to appear on numerous Radio, Television and Internet networks. She has written and made contributions to many forms of print media. KA'ryna has also been a featured performer and contributor to numerous concerts and healing events that promote global consciousness and peace

In Her Own Words:
I only work with individuals who are ready to make the leap into total mastery and leadership of themselves.
What that means is that anyone who comes to see me is not looking to me for answers.
They are ready to take responsibility for their life and actions and be accountable for their own transformation.
They choose to sit in council with their own higher self and higher guides in an assembly of instructors and guardians to discover what is already inside waiting for their recognition.
I provide a sacred atmosphere of light through transmission and emanation along with the meeting and leadership for each individual to go deeply into their own heart of truth.

I'm not a reader and I don't do healing sessions. 
I'm a spiritual catalyst and illuminating initiator of individuals who are ready to actualize their total Miracle Mastery and Luminous Life Leadership.
As a Spiritual Teacher, Elder, Guardian and Guide in the vein of the lineages of Rishi's and Tau's, I am here to be as a witness. I Am here as a living example and as a testament to the upliftment and unfoldment of a birthing transition from one age and epoch into another!

Those that choose to sit with me in council already have a deep understanding of their purpose. I am a teacher and guide of the Teachers. To ask of me is an indication of your own awareness of the Master Guardian within your own heart-space

Miracle Mentoring
Are you ready to acknowledge the gift of who you are ?
Are you ready to actualize your Gifts and Talents?
As a Master Mentor in the multi-spectral language of the “heart”, KA’ryna’s wisdom and guidance makes sense!

Her profound and penetrating Gnosis "Spiritual Knowledge" offers a way in which we can navigate our fundamental nature. With simple and profound ease, KA’ryna enables our perceptions to understand complex metaphysical concepts.
No longer do we need to arduously climb the holy mountain to find the gift within or prostrate before the ivory towers of the sacred mysteries to illumine the truth in our own being.

With an approachable and uplifting attitude to all of life’s questions, KA’ryna’s intention is to create an atmosphere of trust and honesty….so that the divine may enter into everyone’s heart.

A Journey Of Awakening
And Mastery
With KA'ryna's Light Language Transmissions, Expert Guidance and Conscious Grace , she will share her journey of Awakening and Mastery.
Her voice and presence, carries profound frequencies of light and she transfers deep wisdom and healing clarity to all who seek her council.
Initiated into the Mysteries through the Grace of "All that Is", her sacred name Grandmother AH’ LU’ SHA’MA, was given to her by the Illumined Masters of the Guardian Councils.
A Teacher to the Teachers, an Ambassador of the Golden Light and Guardian of The Golden Luminaries, KA’ryna’s gifts are Radiant Luminance and Sonic Bliss.
Listen to her Music Here:

Find more artists like KA'ryna SH'ha at Myspace Music

Find more artists like KA'ryna SH'ha at Myspace Music
Her voice of grace and beauty lights a path of remembrance and recollection that spark the subtle awakening codes within us all.

"As each note is sung a new gateway is revealed, opening our hearts into the infinite wisdom contained within each breath."
KA’ryna is now emerging with timely gifts for all of blossom into our fullest essence as we collectively transition into our " True Heart's Light" !

KA’ryna SH’ha was born with a profound gift to peer into the unseen core of creation, to envision the highest truth!
A true living goddess of compassion with a deep unconditional love of humanity and all life, KA’ryna has chosen to courageously venture to the very core of consciousness itself.
The communication that was transmitted to her is of such a high vibration, that only now are we ready to receive it. The flood of quantum revelations from source, have culminated in the creation of a new Language of Light.
Every person who receives it undergoes rapid and dramatic shifts that bring their lives into alignment with their highest purpose and deepest destiny.
It really makes no difference how rich, famous or powerful those who have sought her guidance are, she treats all as equals on their life path.

Ka’ryna has made life transforming contributions to those she loves, her clients and the communities of those who seek her council and participate in her healing concerts and harmonic ceremonies.

The Core Teachings
KA’ryna is here to assist all who are ready to receive and give of their gifts! All who have come to this earth plane to uplift and raise our heart-space into higher octaves of pure Light and Love. Her gifts and talents derive from the causal realms and are caught rather than taught!
In other words, beyond word and form, the super-charged field of her awakened heart imparts and emanates particles of Illumined Wisdom directly to those who choose sit in her presence.

(oral teachings)

Delivered directly into the Heart-Space by the following means:

• Sound currents which awaken harmonic resonance and coherent bliss geometries, for the metabolization of light into the bio-temple ( body ).
• Codon clearings to prepare for the appropriate receptors to download and uplink D.N.A alignments
• Binary code activations which are spoken as a series of 000 and 111 which represent universal language messages directed from source!

• Spoken words of wisdom as messages and codes of translation to inspire and uplift the vibration
 • Healing currents of radiance through her light body
 • Hands on compassionate touch
• Heart - Mastery Gazing
• Light language messages which represent specific themes of activation
KA'ryna's Sacred Credo:
Grace Supersedes All Karma
and The Light Restores ALL
in other words...
All Wisdom lies at the doorway of Love and Willingness be the key to unlocking its mysteries.
Charge per session
I offer many easy payment methods please refer to my website for easy appointment set-up!
$222 for an individual Manna Mentoring
$333 for Luminous Leadership Life Skills!
$2000 for 10 Manna Mentoring sessions 
$3000 for 10 Luminous Leadership Life Skills sessions
I also offer a pay-by-means method to worthy and dedicated individuals! Those individuals would have to qualify through an interview process.
For further details please check out my central teachings website or refer to the contact details below
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KA’ryna SH’ha

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Benefactor Bequething Guide

An invitation and request is extended....  
This document comes to you today because KA’ryna SH’ha is making a special request of you?
As KA’ryna embarks upon her path of world teachings she is asking of her communities their support through financial funding and physical gifting. She has been asked to travel to many locations around the world to aide in their spiritual transformation. Her sacred gifts and talents are necessary for the upliftment and expansion of a heart-aligned and mind-awakening shift into compassionate consciousness.

She has incarnated at this time with a group of enlightened avatars who are here to prepare the way for the birthing and blossoming of the Golden Age of Enlightenment for all sentient life.

Why right Now at this moment is your role so immediately important?

As a benefactor you are gifting to the world a truly evolved and illuminated teacher who seeks not the greater glory for fame and fortune but the deepest development of humanities harmonic heart!
She has been told by those who collectively support her in higher dimensions that this is her time to come “Unto the World” and share her messages, gifts and talents.  
Your endowment will enable her to follow her path with greater ease and grace, as she travels to specific key locations for ceremonial and spiritual activation concerts.
What can your Role as an Angel Benefactor be? 
You may choose to be a silent contributor whereby your support is kept private. Alternatively, you may choose to be a public provider in which you would be given the opportunity to be in a prominent position at all of KA’ryna’s events as well as the privilege of private sessions for personal development!

As a benefactor your support will enable the creation of necessary inspirational tools :
  • artworks .books . cds / dvds
  • physical teaching materials
  • supporting aids such as computers
  • audio and visual equipment

What an endowment opportunity can look like for you as an Angel Benefactor?

Financial / Monetary

From a onetime endowment to on-going monthly contributions, KA’ryna is open to receiving all forms of assistance. At this point the most prominent is financial, as it will enable her to prepare specific teachings!

Hosting / Promotion
Setting up circles and teaching gatherings in your community and getting the word out about whom she is and what she offers is another way in which you can benefit KA’ryna.
Having the benefit of billeting KA’ryna by staying in your home while she is delivering her teachings is a blessing for you! Her heart-space is filled with profound and dynamic healing intentions…which then are bestowed upon you!
You can become a satellite base representative for the distribution of her teachings and classes in your home communities

Gifting / Contributions
Having the benefit of transportation costs i.e. air miles rewards, hotel discounts, car rental or car available for use or any other form of accommodations covered for her trips. Gift certificates and meal preparation plans. Services rendered i.e. room donations, staffing, set-up and break-down of ceremonial space. And any other service that works with you!


Blessings and Gratitude’s….
In closing, KA’ryna would like to gratefully thank you for the consideration of her request….. This invitation comes with a deep and abiding promise of her commitment to upholding the highest of integrity for the use of you sacred gifts to her now!

To Contact KA’ryna:
Voice: 1-647-379-2072