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Manna Matrix Harmonic Chamber: All About KAryna: "Who in this Universe is KA’ryna SH’ha ? * Master Mentor *Author * Spiritual Guide* Award-Winning Artist * Sacred PerformerGrandm..."


The Wake Up From The Shake Up

Hello Fellow Traveler of The Universes

Recently in the news, one being has been the central theme and newsmaker over and over again....she has been the central focus of a lot of discussion because what she does affects us all. Her Name?...planet earth...Gaia.

The Solar life-force that we are so dependent upon is breathing its cosmic winds into her and stirring up some powerful shifts, “Shuddering fault lines all over the planet shifting as Earth entrains with the fiery rhythm of the Sun".

Just as we are being awakened, aligned, activated and ascended in Streams of Celestial fire from a Galactic and Universal Constant, so are the parameters of our planet being uplifted and shifted.

Associated with the Global Coherence Project:

An astronomer’s view of Shifting:

With many dramatic geophysical happening across the planet, the elements of earth, air, water, fire, and ether are being felt! Warmer temperatures for some, colder for others, higher winds, oceans rising, tides changing, ice melting, earth trembling, lightning striking, volcanoes erupting...everything is changing...sound dramatic!

Well for some it is. For others it's a confirmation of a time of huge transition from one long age of sleepiness into another age of wakefulness. If it were only that simple?... But alas it is, in the cosmological order of the evolution of consciousness!

 Not to mention the geopolitical and societal shifting, as regimes fall and old contracts and archetypes die. Revolutions and uprisings springing up everywhere as the tides of change sweep the globe... GAIA’s mind is being purged of all loss and suffering as ours is awakening to compassion and peace!
“To all the beloved souls who have volunteered to leave this earth-plane through calamity and distress I send my deepest and highest light! You have been an important part in opening our cosmic birthright….To those who are left here on this earth-plane in distress and calamity I send my deepest compassion and blessings of ease and grace!”

This transition period has been in the works for awhile...and folks we are now in it!

 Perhaps our local consciousness is having a hard time wrapping its personal centered view around the super-aware non-local consciousness understanding of the great turn of the ages? It’s time to get over the personal story and experience our life from a deeper and higher perspective!

 So place yourself in the center of your being, shake off the dross of amnesia from the little will of personal attachment to things, time, and space, and just breathe and relax! Take in a deep breath and gently place your awareness towards the center of your being, now release your breath with the sound of ...AHHHHH! AH is the sound of the heart!

What is she (Gaia) saying?...Wake up!!!
What to do?....do nothing....nothing external matters...its all inside waiting for you...so here it is...here you are....here we are....relax....AHHHH.... breathe!

She's inviting you, me, all of us, to tune into her birth! Our birth into cosmic consciousness....we are all her midwives... what is happening to her, is happening to us!

 Her birth parents are at her side....First Father and First Mother…. encouraging her on as she births the new her...the new us… through the awakening and awareness of our otherness merging with All That Is. 
Birthing is oh so beautiful and sometimes physically taxing, yet always memorable…One symbiotic organism of co-creative awareness; local and non-local, merging in a grand dance of the ages.


 The air of our consciousness is in-sexed with vitality and juicyness….as the heart-mind of local and non-local awareness merges in blissful union! Even as I speak to you now, amid the calm of this moment, I'm reminded how special it is to be here to witness this birth!

So I’ve sent you this message to thank you for our connection...

Here's what I'm offering to you to prepare yourself for the “Shift of All Ages”
  • Cosmological and Metaphysical teachings of light and sound
  • Comfort, Compassion and Clarity
  • Spiritual Gnosis and Awakened Cognition
  • An understanding of how to reside in the “Heart of Hearts”
  • Blessings and Be-Attitudes
  • Meaningful Messages, and Miracle Mentoring

If this inspires you, then contact me and we can see where this is all leading!

Toronto Hub: 1-647-379-2072

Golden Graces Teachings : http://www.quantumsnewearth.com/KA-ryna-SH-ha.html

With a nod, a wink and a warm embrace to your infinite intelligent wisdom,
KA'ryna SH’ha


The 11th Hour Discourses~ Monthly Gatherings Convening on the 11th of each Month

The 11th Hour Discourses
Sacred Ceremonial Circles
To Gather The Living Luminaries
with KA’ryna SH’ha
Inspired by the Ascended Heart Masters in alignment with teachings and prophesies of the Hopi and Mayan elders....We are hosting monthly events to draw upon the well of light at the heart of "ALL That IS".
The hour of our gathering is now! We are reaching critical mass as the messages of our delivery and purpose open a Gateway to Grace! It is time to bring about the necessary activation of Harmonic Bliss in our own hearts.

We have chosen to create a series of events to fall upon the 11th day of the 11th hour and 11th minute each month, to acknowledge our collective consciousness transition into the highest vibratory frequencies of Awakened Love and Living Light….

KA’ryna SH’ha invites you to gather, convene and attune yourself with the Sacred Luminaries of Enlightened Mastery to receive a blessing and anointing of your true Heart’s Light!

Message for the Feb 11th 2011 Alignment and Activation of the Cosmic Creation Wave… From KA’ryna SH’ha.

We are experiencing an unprecedented wave of movement …E-motional shifting! E-nergy in Motion.

Undulating rhythmic pulse-beat songs in divine proportions and ratios of radiance originating from the cosmic center are raining down upon us, causing a flow of pure prannic light to open a portal of love in our hearts.

This is the gateway through which we arise and ascend into dimensions of higher and deeper grace!

The significance of this moment that extends in all dimensions is the very breath that breathes light into all that we are. We wait for the moment to arrive not knowing that it is always here, just as the divine is a constant and ever-present state, yet traveling. It is in the breath that we extend our being inwards. It is with the heart that we experience that which is unknowable. The very essence we seek in the divine is the very breath that is our own.

We have endured this chasm of separated consciousness long enough. Our faith can no longer endure the folly of indecision, lack and limitation any more.
Being compacted and compressed into a fraction of our own nature in order to survive has created a collective amnesia… that has ensured that our power would never fully expand into its truthful outcome.
We must dissolve the barriers of disbelief within by allowing ourselves to be filled by the motivating spirit that inhabits all matter, all life… ALL THAT IS.
Golden Bliss unfolds, opening our heart-space unto a divine revelation at the core of our being...
We’ve known from the moment of our first time here on Earth this time was coming....A time in humanities evolution which would bring a very unique opportunity

A huge and momentous opening, to be part of birthing a whole new consciousness and way of being for us all.

On this date KA'ryna will be conducting a ceremonial gathering in honour of the sacred date in the Mayan Calendar:

Event Host: Robin Dines
Event Coordinators: Beth McBlain, KA'ryna SH'ha and Gaspar Magistar
Beth McBlain: 416 580-7434

KA'ryna SH'ha: 647 379 2072

Date: Feb 11th 2011
Time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Location: 345 Sheppard Ave. (White’s Rd. exit off hwy 401) Very close to Altona Rd. Pickering Ont.

Medicine Gifting:

A heart investment of your intentional manifestation..
Give what you feel are ready to receive!

$11.11 ~ Opening unto the heart:I AM expanding into the energetic gateways that are”

$22.22Entering into sacred space:  “I AM aligning to the vision of the Codes of Bliss”

$33.33Anointing with Light: “I AM restoring my complete Sovereignty”

$44.44 ~ Reverberating in Resonance: “I AM a Conscious and Divine being unto myself.”

$77.77 ~ Vibrating the fullest capacity of Living Luminance: “ I AM a Heart-Awakened Master, Teacher and Leader”
Message from the Hopi Elders  
We have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour
Now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour
And there are things to be considered.

Where are you living?

What are you doing?

What are your relationships?

Are you in the right relation?

Where is your water?

Know your garden.

It is time to speak your truth

Create your community.

Be good to each other.

And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

This could be a good time!

There is a river flowing now very fast

It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.

They will try to hold onto the shore.

They will feel they are being torn apart and they will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination.

The elders say we must let go of the shore, and push off and into the river,

Keep our eyes open, and our head above the water.

See who is in there with you and Celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally.

Least of all ourselves.

For the moment that we do,

Our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over, Gather yourselves!

Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.

All that you do now must be done in a sacred manner

And in celebration.

"We are the ones we've been waiting for..."

The Elders, Hopi Nation, Oraibi, Arizona

If you want to find out more about these prophesies, please checkout Prophecy Keepers and/or Wovoca.com ...the only Native American owned and operated Native Prophecy websites, founded 1996.


Manna Matrix Harmonic Chamber: Auspicious Gateway of Tues Jan 11 2011

Manna Matrix Harmonic Chamber: Auspicious Gateway of Tues Jan 11 2011: " 11.11.11 Gaspar and I had the pleasure and joy to officiate as masters of ceremonyand to hold sacred space as we created son..."

Auspicious Gateway of Tues Jan 11 2011


Gaspar and I had the pleasure and joy to officiate as masters of ceremonyand to hold sacred space as we created sonic healing equations for a special ceremonial gathering on Tues Jan 11th 2011 in Cedar Valley Ontario.  We gathered in the morning at 10 am and were ready at the appointed hour of 11:11 am, with 14 highly attuned and spiritually evolved teachers, leaders and masters in a sacred circle of powerful initiations.
Along with our core team were thousands of individuals and groups who were all tuned in at the same time in sacred space around the world, creating a conscious wave of Harmonic Love and Light!

Here are the Inspirations that have since arisen from our event... 
When binary or numerical codes appear such as 11:11, 12:12 or 222 or any other combination of numbers we are being asked to tune in and give our attention to something that is happening in our consciousness field!

The Gateway of Tues Jan.11, 2011 is what I call a signal indicator or inner prompting from the divine source of our being!

Through this gateway we can perceive the interconnectedness of all things with ALL THAT IS.

It is no longer something to look forward to, it is here right now in each awakened breath. Our very breath is the connecting link to all dimensional shifts.

“ 01 01 001 --Verse One: Love”

I have been on a personal journey to understand the workings of the heart as the conveyance and initiator of Love.

Personally I have come here to share the highest flowing aspect of Love allowed by creation through the personal vehicle.

To know that everything “is” because of the gesture of Love, is to understand the master hand that weaves Light into form.

Stepping into this dimension requires care, so as to not disturb the subtle waves and frequencies of The Light being birthed. Therefore nodal infusion tubes are created for the feeding and care of each aspect of creation. Access points for The Love of All That Is to enter and uphold and uplift the core of its creation.

Beyond the appearances of what we perceive, receive and relive there is the true essential nature of Love.

Love is the prism for the translation of The Light. That is to say that love is a focalizing lens for the perfect distribution of The Light.

When we let go of the notion of our smallness, to the conditions and inhibitions of allowing ourselves to be Love, and to express Love through conducing Love then our very heart syncs up

Conscious Creation 101:





Every thought-feeling I create is mine and I Am solely the contributor of this state of my being.

Therefore I AM the CREATOR of my own perceptions of reality.

My task here is to remain CLEAR AND FOCUSED so that I may be alert to the changes in the flow of creation and allow my internal rhythms to adjust accordingly.

My internal presence is powerful and open when I AM BALANCED, therefore to maintain MY NATURAL INNER HARMONY it is important to keep a space of SILENCE AND STILLNESS within at all times.

When I feel something inside that disturbs and constricts my natural harmony, I am immediately able to return to my normal flow by BREATHING CONSCIOUSLY and in turn DEEPLY RELAXING my Bio-Temple (body).

I am Unaffected by anything that occurs externally as my ENTIRE BEING IS ALWAYS AT PEACE with the Whole of Creation.

In truth what I Am Experiencing externally, is created internally by my choice of whether to remain in a state of high vibration or not.

High vibrational states of consciousness produce harmonious results externally.

A high vibrational state of consciousness keeps the flow of creation moving.

While a low vibrational state of consciousness constricts the flow of creation.

The more Open and Loving I AM towards myself, the more SILENCE AND STILLNESS I create within, the more Conscious And Aware I AM , the more Harmonious And Complete I Become, the more my vibration is raised and therefore the more my external reality becomes that too.


Listening is the key!....


The “Manna-Matrix” Harmonic Chamber

Empyrean Media Presents…

The “Manna-Matrix” Harmonic Chamber

Originally Designed and Built
in Markham Ontario Canada by

~ Gaspar Magistar and KA’ryna SH’ha ~ 

"All wisdom lies at the doorway of Love and
willingness be the key to unlocking its mysteries!"
-KA'ryna SH'ha

A Powerful Instrument is Born:
The brainchild of Gaspar's ingenius imagination in harmony with KA'ryna's sacred heart of inspiration; the Manna-Matrix Harmonic Chamber was originally concieved and built as a holographic spiritual incubator for new consciouness realities.
This revolutionary "Transfiguration Theatre" was built and showcased for several years beginning in 2005 with the culmination of a portable system design in 2010. 
The Manna Matrix is a Sacred Space intentionally designed to uplift and transform consciousness. 
Now poised and positioned to travel the world, bringing to us all the new forms of "Enlightened Media" !
KA'ryna and Gaspar lead participants thru a dance of hologramatic light and sound staging, mixed with stargate geometries to activate waves of Heart Harmonics.

Every session reveals the core of clarity at the heart of all humanity.

Extraordinary Alliances:
Gaspar, KA’ryna and a creative talent team of extraordinary alliances have established several companies over the years.
Top event industry,meeting planners and conference organizers count on their reputation for delivering lasting impressions that continue to raise standards in their respective industries.

They include:
Empyrean Media
AH'suna Arts
Golden Light GraceTeachings
C 2 - Celestial Celebrations
M 2- Media-Matrix
S 2- StarGate Stages

Stationary + Portable Design Implementation:

Public Matrix Exhibition
Once situated in a large artist’s studio the Manna Matrix Harmonic Chamber is now available in a portable and easily erected system designed to accommodate a scale of venues from small to the very large with no change in effects.
The original prototype incorporated specifically and intentionally designed sacred geometric structures, within a Light and Sound Immersion core.
The portable version contains the same fractal symmetry as the original but now with a streamlined and simplified system of integrated technologies to deliver the same capacity of the highest and deepest experiences for all.
Both original and portable systems contain the same key positional visual media, with live and archived sound - lighting FX to create a complete sensorial envelope.
Each participant is treated to specific points of navigation arranged around the chamber as gateways of wisdom. Through the use of spiritual and advanced explorative super-learning tools, each of these gateways facilitates enriched personal discovery. Ultimately offering the opportunity for interconnection with one’s own Harmonic Heart-Centered Core.

Purpose :

The Manna-Matrix is configured to allow gateways of clarity and coherence within each person through the alignment of a natural radiant state of conscious awareness. It is like a super- charged chiropractic adjustment for our creative soul core. Each Manna Matrix encounter is unique and specific to the elements choreographed spontaneously in the moment!

Original Stargate Portal

Therefore every immersion is a totally distinctive one-of-a-kind encounter ….that allows, every person to have their own personal journey of profound expansion.

How It Works :
Preparing the instrument of our heart of hearts to open. The doorway to discovery begins within us, as an intention is formed stimulating our intuition and imagination to combine in a creative culmination…. the mysteries of manifestation are explored and expanded in the pure light of our awakening awareness!

Guidance Through The Gateways:

KA’ryna SH’ha, along with her team of Manna Ambassadors expertly guides the way, as Gateways of Illumination and Initiation open. The culmination of which, is an implosion of all the elements synergistically to create a holographic media immersion!

The Outcome:
The Manna-Matrix has both a profoundly relaxing and energizing effect by uplifting and supercharging the deeper intuitional faculties of the imagination. Creating an enlightening and edifying feeling of appreciation and gratitude within!
Placed in a space of unconditional love, our vibration shifts, our heart opens, our mind expands as our being ascends into embodiments of pure bliss.

Our highest and truest nature opens as a sacred song...sung through our DNA!
Those that have navigated the Manna Matrix have felt deeply astonishing results that are difficult to put into words.

The best way to discover it is to experience it for yourself!

Contact: 905 479 2646


" H a r m o n i c C r e a t i o n " The Living Light Songs

Uni-Verses - The Living Light-Songs  
“ In this sacred altar of our Being, may we call forth the ancient seeds of truth: That we are the living Language of Light " –Eloiwa
“Nothing exists without music, for the universe itself is said to have been framed by a kind of harmony of sounds, and that heaven itself revolves under the tones of that harmony”

Join KA'ryna Sh'ha on a journey of profound sound and light-language transmissions as we travel through the celestial gateways and into the mysteries of life to reveal …

" H a r m o n i c  H u m a n i t y "

The one world Gnosis (Sacred Knowledge) is found beneath the foundation of our quest for Self Mastery. Dynamic codes stored in our D.N.A are awakening and aligning the infinite plan of the grand upliftment… A unified field of all possibilities reveals the stored messengers

...codes, codons and electrons stimulating a cellular frequency shift!

Our collective amnesia is lifting as the receptors of sacred communion and community are opening the keys within us all...

Our "Cosmic Consciousness" wake up call to action!

Union and Unity within the Divine Compliment
copyright Golden Light Teachings
The numinous veil is lifting and what was secret now becomes known! We prepare ourselves to receive our sacred teachings through the ways of the heart...what lays hidden and dormant in the contours of our own heart-language is the most precious gift of all!

Attuning Our Primary Instrument:

Harmonic Humanity
light body heart radiance
Copyright Golden Light teachings

- Like a tuning fork, the body can be tuned to different frequencies,” including that of Source, through DNA activation.

- Many indigenous traditions of Mesoamerica believe that [Source] emits a frequency or tone known as 'Ge' that only heals the body-mind-spirit and some say provides immortality.

- The spiritual practices used in the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and Greece employed a variety of, vibrational tools to attune people's DNA to Source.

- This caused the DNA to ring, sing or vibrate so that it resonated with the tone of Ge–the frequency of Galactic Center.
synchronization of the phi codes
within heart harmonic openings.

- This attunement activated a San Graal or Song Grail–a “love song in the blood”–creating a rainbow bridge, therefore synchronizing an initiates consciousness with Source.

- This love song energetically united Heaven (Galactic Center) with Earth (initiates), opening human hearts and pumping crystallized Ge-tuned blood through their bodies.
How we begin the journey:

In preparation for the healing songs to reveal the hidden “knowledge codes” stored in our D.N.A.

Harmonic Grace
Copyright Golden Light Teachings
- Utilizing the rich hues and textures of her voice, as a sonic sacramental bath of illumined frequencies, KA’ryna SH’ha delivers the sound currents of “Harmonic Love” to open and purify our soul…

- Each session begins with a sonic intention placed in the heart and is expanded through the 7 gateways of Love.

- Calling upon the Elohim (guides of creation), KA’ryna opens a prannic tube or direct link to the divine, of rarefied of light language codes to encompass our entire body (bio-temple).

- Silence and stillness within synchronizes our whole being with source and creates a great influx of “Harmonic Resonance” (healing energy) to assist in our soul’s upliftment.

- Placed in a space of total unconditional love our frequency begins to shift to a higher vibration, as our heart gently opens, and our mind naturally relaxes. In this expanded and exulted state our consciousness slowly lifts the celestial veils ( The Mysteries) of preparation for the attunement and alignment to source.

- For our highest and truest nature opens as a sacred song, sung through our DNA...

"Sacred Communion"
copyright Golden Light Teachings

Interested in experiencing a
Harmonic Attunement for yourself or in a group gathering ?

Contact KA'ryna SH'ha: 647 379 2072